Mallorca Amateur Football Tournament

So much more than just football

Playing football has never been like this before


May 18 - May 22, 2023


Santa Ponsa - Mallorca

Game type

5 vs 5


Amateur teams, friends, companies, etc.

"Discover the island of Mallorca, play football with friends, and meet people from all over the world. Join the Mallorca Amateur Football Tournament now!"

Maximum joy, fully arranged

What is better than sports, being with friends and having a great time? Nothing! The Mallorca Amateur Football Tournaments are just about this. Ready to enjoy our tournament? This is what you get:

  • Stay with your team on Mallorca in a beautiful surrounding near the beach
  • Compete against teams from all over the world. A minimum of 1 matchday, a maximum of 2.
  • Opening party and theme party with DJ. Opportunity to explore Mallorca’s nightlife.
  • Official opening ceremony with team presentation.
  • A trophy for every participating team.
  • Hotels (3* and 4*) and apartments available for every need.
  • A minimum of 1 day off. Time to discover Mallorca. Opportunity to book several excursions.
  • Airport transfer to your hotel or apartment and back.

Who can participate?

The Mallorca Amateur Football Tournament is for everyone. Think about amateur teams, friends teams, companies, futsal teams and any other team you could think about.

The tournament will be parted in the following subcategories:

  • Men
  • Women
  • Men 35+
  • Women 35+
  • Men 45+
  • Men 55+

Note that some younger players in each team are allowed.

  • For category 35+, 2 players may be 30+
  • For category 45+, 2 players may be 40+
  • For category 55+, 2 players may be 50+


Match rules

Fair play is in our DNA

The Mallorca Amateur Football Tournament is a 5-a-side game. All matches during our tournament will be played according to the FIFA Futsal rules and regulations but executed in a customised tournament format.

The pitches, located close to the sea, are artificial grass. Players are advised to wear regular Futsal (indoor soccer) shoes or special Astro turf football shoes.

Matches are led by international referees in cooperation with the tournament’s management.

More detailed information about the game type and rules?

We offer accommodations for every need

  • Booking includes 4 nights in a hotel (3* or 4*) or in a 2/3 (keys) apartment
  • Possibility to book extra nights
  • Breakfast and diner with wine and water included (hotels only)
  • Possibility to bring fans, family and friends and/or book extra nights
  • All accommodations are situated near the sports facilities
  • BONUS – Free welcome drink on arrival at your accommodation (hotels only)

Just 3 steps away from new memories

1. Choose your event

2. Choose your accommodation

3. Fill in our registration form

How to convince your friends?

Convincing your friends should be easy! Just tell them that:

  • You can bring as many family, friends and/or fans as you like
  • Everything will be arranged. Like hotel or apartment, airport transfer and even in resort assistance by travel agency Viajes Adramar
  • You will have access to the tournament, the opening and closing ceremony, opening party and theme party
  • Participation in the Mallorca Amateur Football Tournament is big fun!


Are there dressing rooms at the sports complex?

No. The hotels and apartments are that close to the pitches that we don’t use the dressing rooms at the sports complex. You can walk easily to your accommodation to change and/or take a shower.

Will I get refunded if the event will be canceled due to Corona?

Yes. Should the event be cancelled due to a possible new Corona wave, all teams will be refunded their registration fees and any payments made for their accommodation and airport transfers (minus cost of € 10,- pp).

Can I bring family or friends?

Yes you can! Just fill in the amount of people you bring in our registration form.

How far is my accommodation situated from the event location?

All hotels and apartments are within walking distance from the event location/sports accommodations. You don’t necessarily need a car during your stay. However, if you’d like to explore Mallorca outside of Santa Ponsa, renting a car is a possibility.

What participants say…

Wout Jonker

“The Walking Football Tournament in Mallorca is an annual event since 2017 which is by far the best organised tournament for seniors in the world. Harry and his team take care of everything and the playground is fantastic , located near the beach, good hotels and fine restaurants.

Walking Football teams from many corners of Europe compete in a friendly way for several days, and you get to know many friends from other countries. WF Mallorca is simply the best!”

– Den Haag Oldstars (champions 60+ 2019) –

Johan van Aard

“A tournament in which everything is arranged down to the last detail. Before, during and after. You will be guided in the entire process from registration to transfer back to the airport. In a very nice location on Mallorca, in the town of Santa Ponca, where several hotels or apartments are available to suit every budget. The tournament, in which different nationalities participate, takes place in a friendly atmosphere, where there is a close fight for the tournament win.

One of the beautiful things that have arisen from this tournament, are the different contacts and friendships, and even (in our case) a relationship has arisen with one of our ladies.

Of course, there are also moments of relaxation in the form of an opening party and a closing party. Sun, sea and bliss, a tournament not to be forgotten and, whenever possible, to participate in several times.”

– Zeemacht ladies futsal team –

How we spend our days…

Day 1
  • At this day most teams will arrive in Santa Ponsa. Teams or individuals who have booked extra nights, might have been arrived earlier. You will be transferred from Palma Airport to Santa Ponsa and dropped of right in front of your hotel or apartment.
  • During daytime, there’s no program. Time enough to check in, settle down and/or explore Mallorca and Santa Ponsa.
  • In the evening the official opening ceremony will take place. During the team presentation, every team will officially be introduced.
  • Right after the opening ceremony, the opening party will take place at the sports complex’s square.
Day 2
  • The start of the tournament’s group matches! Some teams will start with their day off. Every team will at least be playing one day. If your team reaches the knock-out phase, you will be playing an extra day.
  • In the evening, participants can enjoy several (party) locations around the sports complex in Santa Ponsa. Meeting point for participants is the Mannhattan bar in Santa Ponsa.
Day 3
  • Teams who have played their group matches on day 2, will now have their day off and the other way around.
  • In the evening, participants can enjoy several (party) locations around the sports complex in Santa Ponsa. Meeting point for participants is the Mannhattan bar in Santa Ponsa.
Day 4
  • On day 4, the tournament continues with the knock-out phase. When your team has done well enough, you will come to action today as well.
  • At the end of the day, the finals of all represented categories will be played. Every team in the finals will officially be introduced on the pitch. Before the finals start, national anthems of both teams will be played.
  • Winners will be honoured during the official closing ceremony.
  • At night our famous theme party will take place. Teams represent themselves originally based on the theme. This year’s theme: ??? (You will be informed in advance)
Day 5
  • For most teams and individuals, this will be the last day, except when you or your team has booked one or more extra nights afterwards.
  • You will be picked up in front of your hotel and/or apartment at the given time. A bus will bring you to Palma Airport on time to catch your flight back home.

Lots of fun for an incredible price

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  Event participation requires booking of the whole package, i.e. tournament and accommodation + airport transfer. Flight to Mallorca is not included.

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